REVIEW: Hyalual WOW Mask

Skincare is definitely something that interests me and I absolutely love trying new products and learning about different brands in particular learning about how different ingredients can affect the skin.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a Hyalual WOW Mask (link) rrp. £99.99 for 5.

My skin suffers from irritation and is normally quite dehydrated so I was excited to try a product that claims to give 200% more hydration than other collagen-based moisturising and provides deep skin hydration.

After cleansing my skin, I began to take the mask out of the packet, I'm used to standard cream based masks and have previously used sheet masks (Shu Uemura being a firm favourite) so I found the application of this particular mask to be slightly tricky. I guess because I wasn't used to a gel based mask. But once it was on, it took less than a minute to settle in place and I was able to relax for around 30 minutes (they recommend a max. of 40 mins) The only side note I can make is that I have a relatively small face and found the mask to be quite large in comparison (I guess that's great if you have a slightly larger head, but did mean I had to fold the mask around the edges)

After half an hour, I really didn't want to take the mask off, my skin felt so comfortable and hydrated. A feeling when you suffer from dehydration is rare. I was excited to see the results, unlike a conventional mask it was easy to remove, and dispose of. Sometimes I get so frustrated attempting to remove a mask I avoid doing them, but I found the WOW mask to be simple.

Once removed my skin felt great! Really hydrated, blemishes & redness seemed to have calmed down, and my face felt super smooth. I was really impressed with the results. To try it out for yourself have a look on Look, they seem to have everything. I even have a sneaky LookFantastic Code ( for you all, don’t say I’m not good to you!

I would say this mask would be perfect for women / men who are concerned with ageing, as it certainly helps to plump and smooth any fine dry lines in the skin. I can imagine if used regularly would really benefit the skin. Of course, the price tag is steep, and in comparison to others I have tried I feel I had similar instant results. It may be that this particular mask is great for the long-term benefits. I would definitely love to use these masks again, because they really do feel luxurious.

Have you tried WOW Masks before? What are your favourite face masks?