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by Rebecca Stevens - 2 weeks ago

Search for Maiden Aunt Dora Leads to New Discovery

For years I tried to identify every single person in the dozens of photos taken at the 1946 wedding of my parents, Harold Burk (1909-1978) and Daisy Schwartz (1919-1981).However, one tall and elegant lady wasn't familiar. She appeared in all the ph...

by Rebecca Stevens - 4 weeks ago

The "Write" Way to Write Family History

Thinking about writing your family's history? Here are the two most important words to remember: Start writing.That's the "write" thing to do.Maybe you feel you're not a writer or you haven't done enough research or you need more details or photos...

by Rebecca Stevens - 1 month ago

Twin Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to my sweet twin sis and many more!Who's who in this photo? Sis, what do you think? When we were young, our birthday was a national holiday . . .No class party at school, but a family celebration with cake and candles. Sometimes we h...